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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
It aint, I need help, but noone seems interested.
Truly sorry Chris, I honestly wish I had the time to help =(

I have always wanted to pick up some PPC ASM too =D

Originally Posted by Supamax View Post
Is the CR-5400 MagicGate compatible?
I mean: does the PSP see the card as a MagicGate one?
Nope it is "unknown"

MagicGate is only any real use for making Magic Memory sticks - I use a 512KB San DISK MSPro with MagicGate to upgrade PSP's stuck on Sony Firmware.

The only other *slight* advantage is the access speed of a MagicGate enabled card is *slightly* (and I mean only just so) faster access/loading - in all truth its hardly noticable unless laoding BIG/Large ISO's

I hammer a lot of Emulation and PSx titles (files sizes are quite small) so I dont really notice any speed-up or slow-down, Its only on big PSP games that you realize it: i.e - Tekken: Dark Rising being one of them, and when I say realize it.... only just (about 8 second difference loading time).

Theres a lot of sellers on fleabay offering a CR5400 complete with 2x 16GB MicroSD transflash cards for as little £56 including postage - thats a bonus!

although when they say 32GB its not its 2x 16,000 megabytes = 31.25GB, however when I prepared mine it stated 29GB

If I could offer any advice it would be this -

Do not buy a CR5400 from these are fake and do not work. I reported this fact to dealextreme - they said that they would look into it, alas about a month ago a fellow retro-gamer on also got stung by it.

I would suggest you put your money in a trusted (and well researched) seller =)

*please note the eBay link provided is not my auction and I have not had any dealings or transactions with that seller, so buyer beware.

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