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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Hmm, not sure I would list that on the big plus side. It's quite expensive for a frontend while others are completely free. Yes, they license the KS and WB images, but that's not what they ask most of the money for (at least I don't hope so). No comment on the 'support the community' bit
If you like their product, buy and use it.
Well, I know that they donate to the Aros bounties, which is useful for us, AROS lovers. They may get a bit "software-nazi" sometimes though.

I am not paying for the frontend, I paid the money for a copy off All workbenches, and roms from 1.x to 3.1, and Workbench 3.9, for use with Amikit, Classic WB, and AmigaSYS, which I use on my Real amiga, and Amiga Explorer is nice.

Now if I could of just downloaded all that for free, "legally" I would of, since I can't it doesn't bother me to spend some small money on it.

But, it is just my opinion, since if I added up all the costs I have spent on my Amiga, 29$, isn't much .

PS. Over 1k in total I guess, but it does look so nice in it's tower. hehe
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