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That's right. Yup, I do know how GPL works and, as I stated, Cloanto's business model is 100% legal. As Macarra also stated "You can buy it or not". I was just trying to expose why I won't.

Of course including WinUAE in a commercial package is not a crime. It's just that sometimes "legal" doesn't mean we are forced to agree, and I don't agree the way they are using their license, wether "mysterious owner" is to blame or not. I honestly think that forcing people who don't have a real Amiga to buy their pack if they just want to do some basic classic Amiga emulation is counterproductive not only for us all, but also to their own interests. It's making potential clients go away, as I see it.

Someday perhaps we'll see KS and WB stuff beeing free and open. Then Cloanto should search for a real major selling point to Amiga Forever. That hopeful day the real Amiga bussines could take off.

Just my humble view of it all!

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