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Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
In my view, It's a blatant excuse to make an abusive use of the licence they got on Kickstarts and Workbench software in order to make you pay for a freely distributable emulator. I honestly can't, and won't, support that bussines model, no matter how legal it is.
But as you say, the emulator is "freely distributable", so you aren't paying for that.
You are paying for the licensed Kickstarts and Workbench and the "wrapping" to make it purty...

Originally Posted by rockersuke View Post
Not having legally available KS and WB to freely download for emulation is, in my humble opinion, one of the several reasons (and incidentally I'll talk about some other in another thread) that make classic Amiga activity seem to be dead when compared with other 80's machines groups which are alive and kicking. Cloanto's interests might be 100% legal, but that doesn't mean they are not causing real damage.
So, they are causing damage to the community because they are selling something they have licensed, rather than just giving it away?

The only people it might be "damaging" are those who can't find the Kickstarts and WB files with google...

However, having a polished package for newbies or those who just want point-and-run or people who just want to be legal makes Amiga emulation that much nicer than what you find for other systems. I would consider this a positive, rather than something inducing damage to the community.

Now, would totally free Kickstarts and WB files be nice? Sure...
But Cloanto doesn't own them so they can't give them away.
If you have a complaint, it sounds like you have a complaint with the owner of the Kickstart and WB properties, and that isn't Cloanto...


p.s. I do agree with the price thing tho.. The more I think about it, I've almost bought it a few times, but it just is a bit too spendy for my.. I've bid on it a few times, but even the auctions have gone above my range.. I am "cheap" admittedly. :-) I did BUY a C64 emulator for my Pocket PC years ago, but it was $5. :-)
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