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New on the board, just sayin hi

Firstly guys and girls I am really thankful to still have such a great community around... and still doing such amazing work for the Amiga keeping it alive!

Few words about myself. I can still remember how I started with computers in '86, and a few years later at the height of the Amiga/Atari/Archimedes wars and my heart set on an Amiga, I made the choice on specs and bought a PC doh ( regret it to this day. Anyway got an A1200 a few years later, and still have that machine in pristine condition! I don't use it much though... I get my Amiga fix via E-UAE on my macbook.

My purpose in life with my Amiga is to finish all the great adventures (text and graphic) and platform games of the era. It's a long list!! Especially since I suck at adventures:P One day I will also learn Blitz Basic, Amiga C, maaaybe assembly and hopefully get my sh*t together and submit some code to E-UAE. (Just found out about P-UAE!)

Funnily enough my coding goals are more achievable than my adventuring ones I'm a coder... always have been.

Thanks for being out there!

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