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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Thanks for the info Allen. There were many programs on worldofspectrum that allow you to load tape images and save them to disk maybe I can get one of these to work.

I will let you know what success I have

Blooming heck, I just looked at the site you mentioned and it also has LERM programs on there ie:- link

The author of the software lived in Whitley Bay a few miles away from me (many moons ago), assuming that this is the same stuff I used to get passed all the protection systems employed at the time to stop people from copying the game code etc then it is BRILLIANT

The suite I got included an assembler/disassembler and instructions and examples of getting past most protection systems, it also showed you how to find where code was loaded and then where it was sent and run from and decrypted etc, the hours that I spent using that suite were vast but I really enjoyed being able to take a copy protected game and get it running from the +3 disk drive.
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