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I think Cloanto deserve to be praised for things they make right. Every now and again at spanish retro-computing forums someone appears asking for help to transfer software to naked Amiga 500 they have just bought. I always encourage them to buy, yeah, buy, Amiga Explorer. It's an excellent tool, the best I know for its purpose. Better, nicer and more newbie-friendly than public domain alternatives. It's been made by them and has a more than fair price. It's worth the money they ask for it.

But sincerely, I cannot say the same about Amiga Forever package. In my view, It's a blatant excuse to make an abusive use of the licence they got on Kickstars and Workbench software in order to make you pay for a freely distributable emulator. I honestly can't, and won't, support that bussines model, no matter how legal it is.

Not having legally available KS and WB to freely download for emulation is, in my humble opinion, one of the several reasons (and incidentally I'll talk about some other in another thread) that make classic Amiga activity seem to be dead when compared with other 80's machines groups which are alive and kicking. Cloanto's interests might be 100% legal, but that doesn't mean they are not causing real damage.

Perhaps, as has been suggested, It's time for them to search for a real buying inducing factor which could make AE an atractive investment without the WB and KS licencing issue, but I don't see that happening in short term, sadly.

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