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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
Wow, so it should be hard. What are the difficulties I must pass to configure Genesis? Say, I need some information which only my Internet provider can give me, no? I am getting lazy also...
It's not difficult. You just need to know what you need to do before you start. For example, get the manual for your DSL router, read the section about how to manually configure a network connection without DHCP for Windows 98, translate the nice words used in Windows into the real technical terms and then read the instructions of AmiTCP. You'll see that it's all the same.

As said above, you probably forgot to configure a DNS. But this is a TCP/IP setting, it has nothing to do with Winuae.
In Genesis the DNS config is made on the "Resolve" tab which is the rightmost one in the interface configuration. You should be able to use the IP address of the router as DNS.
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