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I just like to have it collection-wise.
And yes its nice to have kickstarts and workbenches legit along with some other stuff. The premium package was nice with all the extra bits in it.

There is also IDE-FIX registered version in it. Along with other software registered.

Even when i already know how to use WinUAE, Amiga's etc and having the latest TOSEC Collection i still believe this is a nice Product to have/buy.


I kinda agree with you tho, they need something that makes it totally "WOW" again. But i can also understand that its hard for them to come up with something new that brings a WOW factor in the Amiga-world.

Honestly that makes me think maybe they should make a feedback-topic where people can suggest stuff for future versions of Amiga Forever.

@Falcon Flight

I certainly do not believe its crap, ok maybe its not really new anymore and its not ment for the "technical amiga-guru's" around here. But for people that just want to collect and/or new again after years going back into Amiga's this is a really nice start.

Same goes for C64 Forever, its pretty cool that they made that too.
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