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Except that all you have to do is look at the forum postings of people saying:

I can't find the rom things...
Where do I get wokbench...

There are lots of people who need more help, even tho WinUAE is easy..,
Heck, I saw a copy of Mac's for dummy's at the bookstore the other day...

Same concept.. :-)

It seems like it fills a niche that needs filling... And if they are still in business, I'd say they are doing something right. ;-)

Again, I think there are plenty of reasons for people who have no trouble with WinUAE to not bother with AmigaForever.... But I also think it's a good idea to have a nice (at least semi-)legal way to package this for some of the other users..

IMHO.. ;-)

@gulliver, Can't argue there... I haven't looked over the features (or lack thereof) in the versions, but that does sound like a good idea. I still think it's a good idea for some people to buy it, but you are probably right that there's not enough reason to upgrade.
(or at least they should make the upgrade much less expensive (he says not knowing how much it is) :-)

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