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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
Wow, so it should be hard. What are the difficulties I must pass to configure Genesis? Say, I need some information which only my Internet provider can give me, no? I am getting lazy also...
As previously stated, learn to configure Miami DX, Genesis, Ami-TCP or whatever on a real Amiga before tackling setting them up in WinUAE if possible. I am a network / systems engineer by trade and have been working with TCP/IP for almost 20 years and it took me a week or two of reading forums here to get my Amiga on the internet and answering incoming telnet sessions from my BBS. With that said I don't have the free brain power to mess with WinPcap right now and I imagine if you don't have ground level knowledge of how TCP/IP and DNS workings, setting this stuff up in WinUAE is going to be next to impossible.

It would be cool though if one of the pre-packaged OS systems like ClassicWB or something could tackle this!
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