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Phew, a long day! I'm too tired and in way too much pain right now to try to gather all of the info together and see what you need. There's thousands of files in my GEOS directory here, so I can have another look through if I understand anything further from other sites or continuing posts, Akira.

In the meantime, I've put the GEOS 128 that I have in the zone. At first glance, I actually have it twice here in a ready-made form and in both cases the info panel states that it has been "Upgraded to V2.0". I've also noticed that there are conversion tools spread through the collection's directories, though I can't currently say what they're all for or if they're of any use to you. Oh, there's no sign of any G64 files as yet either. Was that format only needed if protection was a problem or could it help with what you're trying to do?

I'll try to return and check on your progress later.
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