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Help me with 3.9

Not sure where else to post this, so here goes.

I run a 1200 with blizzard 030, 3.1 roms, smallish HD with 3.0 on it and an eyetech IDE extender leading to an external CD Rom running IDEFix97 and CDFS.

I also have the SCSI kit for the Blizzard and an external SCSI CDrewriter if I coul dfigure out how to install it.

And I also have a shiny new CD with 3.9 on it.

I bought 3.9 a year or so ago and had one brief, abortive attempt at installing it, but it has been so long since I had to touch the build on my miggy I have forgotten how to do anything with the OS.

So is there anyone out there that could point me to an Idiots Guide to installing 3.9 on a system like mine?

The thing that worries me is that if I try to install it and lose my CDRom drive connectivity in the process, I am not sure I could ever put stuff back how it used to be!

Thinking laterally, is there CD burning utility that works under 3.0 either cheap or free, so I could at least do a full backup of my current partitions as a fallback?

I know this seems like a lazy mans way out but in mitigation I AM an OAP & am currently buried in learning how to run a new (to me) standalone hard disk recorder.

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