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Hi there Steve,

glad it arrived safely . I don't know how you will manage to transfer usable code from the DivIDE to a +3 disk to be honest unless you used a multiface 3 interface but that defeats the whole idea really. From a tape game you would load the known code length to an address and then save the code from that address plus its size to disk (a bit simplified). As a lot of games would only work in 48k mode and the disk drive only works in 128k mode, it was necessary to load the main code to a safe area in memory and by using code loaded into the screen area, have the main code relocated to the correct address and ran from there once the speccy was placed into 48k mode by the same code that was loaded in the screen area.

Thankfully Lerm made a program that did that for you called Ghost if I remember right, it may have been from a magazine though, either way it worked a treat. Maybe the DivIDE has a method of saving back to tape? be nice if it does and it would make backing up games for the +3 drive a lot easier
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