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If they went x86, 3rd parties may actually even take AmigaOS serious enough to develop for it! It's already got the core ideas; excellent games, productivity and office applications are what you need for a real winner! Even if the hardware was bespoke Mac-style, the fact that it's power pc only makes it a lot more difficult for 3rd parties to be interested. Titles ported from PCx to x86Mac are far easier simply due to the core architecture. Even the software companies I work for are beginning to look at Mac as a potential entertainment platform along with PC and consoles. It makes perfect sense.

I bet if I proposed a project for a power-pc based platform, I doubt I would get more than 5 minutes into the presentation before someone either died lauging or fired my ass for stupidity.

Like I said, if their system had plenty 3rd party software, I'd part with my cash for Amiga OS. But it hasn't and it will not if they make core mistakes with the architecture from the get-go.

Until then, I'll have an A1200 off ebay!
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