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Originally Posted by StoneOakvalley View Post
I recently came over a strange disk... the disk starts with s/leksak and a NoiseTracker screen comes up with a GNU logo and stating Musicdisk 5, only thing I can do is load samples, but no music to be loaded. Seems like the tracker works as any other tracker too. Never saw this version.

The adf was called GnomieByNight.adf and the diskname was SNILE. Anybody know what this is?

If I go to sample editor and press INIT, a swedish text appears saying "DETTA VAR EN JATTEFIN WAVEFORM", i.e. "THIS WAS A VERY NICE WAVEFORM" or similar to that.

I can load samples, but everything seems very strange, It says "Musicdisk 5" but there seems to be no music at all. Some kind of developer tool or?

You can check it out here:

Perhaps you have incomplete version of this demo, it contains songs too. Player and music from this demo is available on the Wanted Team page in NoiseTracker section.
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