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Going nowhere

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Right then........

After a period of reflection, and i've had plenty of time to think about it since 9:17 this morning until 16:41 this afternoon when I finally got to get into Court and have my case postponed within 10 minutes and told to come back in a month!!!!

I'm not going anywhere, i've been here 9 years!

Whilst a couple of you might well be thinking that Galahad is 'throwing his toys out the pram', which of course you are entirely entitled to think, PM's with CodyJarrett do not dissuade me from my first impressions of his post in 'that' thread.

Lets get some things straight about Damonenburg/Demoncastle:

It was NOT the full game, it was a demo of the game with only a few levels.

I DID lose it and the disks I was working from to release it.

I was sorry at the time of me losing it, and am still sorry about it now, and CodyJarretts post I felt was an unecessary dig at me, something that occurred SIX YEARS AGO!

Whether or not Cody was influenced by Heavy Stylus or not to go public with his concerns (or anyone elses), Cody should know better than that, should have exercised some diplomacy and tact, if anyone can locate it for me in that post of his, well you're a better man than me.

Subsequent PM's from Cody have only further reinforced Codys apathy toward diplomacy and tact, something a GLOBAL MODERATOR really should have mastered by now.

I'm not quite sure how me losing ONE disk of a VERY unremarkable demo of a game is possible to compare with a hard drive and two boxes of disks.

I do appreciate some of you voicing your concerns and siding with me, but i'm really not interested in this turning into a 'lets hate on Cody' time.

My beef is with Adrian, if you have a similar problem with anyone, you would be wise to take it up with them personally, or if you feel you will not be listened to, take it up with another moderator, but I certainly don't want this thread to degenerate into a hate fest against someone else, all under the auspices of defending me.

The subject of the PM's between me and Cody are between me and Cody, and i'm sure within time, things will be rectified..... or they won't.

I must also take the time to thank those that gave their time to write some nice things about me.

I'm still humbled that anyone remotely gives a shit about anything I do or have done in the past, and I really do appreciate it.

And the final thanks i'll give to KillerGorilla........You are quite possibly one of the funniest blokes on this board, and after a pretty crappy day, managed to make me laugh out loud
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