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I can't help but feel partly responsible for all of this.

Basically, after posting my AlienBash thread and accepting a kind offer from Galahad to make a collection of Glen Cumming's source disks I received scores of PM's from people saying stuff along the lines of "Oh no! Galahad might lose the disks!". I'm not going to name who these people are, but it was certainly not just Cody who was worried by this.

Unfortunately, and mainly because I was annoyed that my inbox was becoming so full of near identical messages, I started replying to people that if they are worried about Galahad losing the disks, they should mention it to him either in the thread or by PM, and not to me.

Cody did what I advised, and look what happened.

Now I'm a neutral player in all of this (I've the utmost respect for Galahad and the work he has done in the past - and losing a irreplaceable game? Well, that sucks, but he is only human - we all make mistakes). However, what I am trying to say here is that Cody shouldn't be blamed for this; he voiced what *many* other people were thinking (and mailing me about)...

So please, lets calm this down now. I appreciate that people are still annoyed about the game that Galahad lost, but like I said, everyone makes mistakes. It's a shame that people remember that more than all the good things he did.

Perhaps everyone should get this in perspective - I'm pretty sure that Galahad will return after he has cooled off. But please, lets just forget about that one mistake in the past, yeah?
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