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Well my personal toughts about kickstarts and workbench.

Every amiga out there work with a kickstart, this means if you own an amiga, you should get freely a kickstart image with no fee, since you paid for it when you bought the machine.

Same applies for the workbench. Each amiga was sold with it, the 500 with 1.3, the 600 with 2.04, and the 1200 with 3.0 or 3.1.

The OS 3.5 and 3.9 are another story.

You see the point ? The emulation is in fact the problem if we look at the problem carefully, because Cloanto's mind is to say that many people use winuae (amiga emulated) and hence never paid the kickstart and workbench as softwares.

This means that owners of real hardware are for this very fact considered as pirating software when they already paid...... Theorically this is like you paid one time, but that's not enough, another application, you need to pay a second time.

i'll stop there with my rant. Classic amigas are dead machines, and should be considered as.
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