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Floppy disk New source for Amiga Disk Images

First of all can I just say hello to everyone here. I have been a guest for many years and now that I feel I can offer something in return have decided to register and post.

I just wanted to let all my fellow Amiga fans know that as part of my own efforts to preserve all the old Amiga software, I have now finished a year long project to make available for download just about every Amiga rom that I have found over the past few years. Much thanks must go to the dozens of people that sent me their collections and support.

The database, which is available for download contains over 40,000 disk images, a total of 35GB and is spread over the following sections :-

Applications A to Z
Cover Disks
Disk Mags
Games A to Z
Operating Systems
Pack Mags

Public Domain Collections

The Amiga section is contained within the main Commodore Roms section which also holds a huge C64, Vic20, Plus4 and MAX rom library.

You can visit the Commodore Amiga Roms Database by clicking the link. Downloading is free though speed is limited to help me cope with bandwidth cost limitations. If you donate a little I can make it unlimited.

Some other info :
I bought my first Amiga 500 in 1997 from the US and shipped it to the UK as one of the very first A500's in the country. I was involved in the 'scene' during the main years mostly as a spreader but also as an artist. My own group was called Icrus, I was also involved in the creation of 'The Untouchables Utility Disk'. I have loved and used Amiga's since their launch, I now own just about every model of Amiga apart from the 3500.

Thank you for reading this, please move or re-copy this topic if you feel it is incorrectly placed. This is not intended as spam or simply to advertise my website, I am a very serious Amiga fan and I feel that this collection of Amiga roms should be available to all fans.

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