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OK, let me give you an example: BUDOKAN.
Even after the "removal" of the entries so they aren't listed when doing a "dir", each and every block's first longword is one of "$00000002" (root block), "$00000008" (data block) or any similar stuff with special meaning (eg $00000010).

On the one hand, I define a real AmigaDOS disk as a disk which has a *straight* structure and 1760 blocks. NDOS disks (usually) have custom block size and/or number.
On the other hand, I define it as a disk which has a ROOT block on Block #880 and nowhere else. (Side-note: BOTH MUST have their BOOT block on Block #0.)
Take X-Copy: you can only list the directory of the disk if block 880 has the structure it expects (i.e. containing directory entries) -- you get an error message "not a dos disk!" if you try it with a NDOS disk.

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