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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Just for those who wonder what this is all about.
Thanks TCD for the link to the comments, I can see how Galahad/FLT could take offence at what was written and really there was no need for Cody to mention that previous mishap.

What all concerned should be thinking is that if anyone is going to send "irreplaceable Amiga material" then why the hell didn't they back it up before sending? or surely the author of the material has a master copy set aside, or was it not that important to them to back up in the first place. I am aware that some people send duff disks to see if things can be retrieved and may not have been able to copy them due to corruption etc, if that is the case then what has been lost.... nothing!

It is time to take a reality check about now, a demo is a fun project and not a life saving event so it can hardly be classed as anything else, calling it "irreplaceable Amiga material" or anything else does not mean it was essential to life or the meaning thereof. If this was included on a cover disk for example then how many of us have reformatted those disks and re used them OH the shame of it all

Somewhere out there, someone has probably got copies of everything previously thought to be lost and don't even know it or are bothered what's on them, its rewarding to be able to restore information but realistically there was also a load of crap produced back in the day too so maybe we have been saved from suffering just another clone of a clone of a clone etc.

Come on you two, its a case of you win some and you lose some, I am sure that there are more important things in life to be concerned over than a floppy disk from years ago
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