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I really do hope you can get past this incident and reconsider staying on board, there are some great folk here on EAB and I would have to say that you are amongst the best of them. Losing a floppy disk of a demo is probably the least of the stupid things that I have done over the years that could make me cringe, shit happens, if we could turn back the clock we would sometimes........

At the end of the day, it happened, the time for fretting about it was then, now is the time to look back at our minor cock-ups and have a laugh about them rather than to feel guilty or to made to feel guilty intentionally or otherwise


I haven't read the actual remark that led up to this situation so I don't know how it was meant to be interpreted, ie seriously or tongue in cheek, but it has been taken seriously which is not a good thing to say the least. Couldn't you and Galahad/FLT sort this out, as I mention above losing a floppy disk of a demo or its contents is nothing to get worked up about after so long, there is enough stuff to contend with day to day without dwelling on previous problems from years gone by, in a perfect world.............
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