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I know, lets get RCK to remove CJ's Global moderator status because of a MISTAKE, and on that day, EVERY year, the MISTAKE is posted for ALL to see.

Now, I am sure Galahad is HUMAN, and as such, is able to make MISTAKES. I am sure he did not do it DELIBERATELY.

I do not know the full details, perhaps he had a LONG day at work, and made the Mistake. I am sure he has punished himself enough to be constantly reminded of the MISTAKE, so, what would have been good is to MOVE on.

CJ, I am sure you have made mistakes in your life, that you would PREFER to forget about, how would you feel if someone kept rubbing it in ?

Okay so what was said might have not been the right words, or failed to use a Smiley ( ), but lets try to focus on making him welcome, he IS a valued member of this community.
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