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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
I lost a disk to a game demo that can never be recovered
At least, you both agree on something : It was a valuable item !

It's hard to judge the nature of that "scene offence" after all these years. For what reason did the demo mean so much to the people who aren't happy because you lost it ? Was it planned to be released under the name of one or their group ? Is it because they were involved with the "leak" that allowed you to grab a copy of it ?

I suppose for someone like you, there would be many reasons to remain a member here on EAB, at least in what I call "read-only mode". The important thing INHMO is not to take things personally because some mod (if it is confirmed that the dude is indeed a mod) overreacts to that incident. Last and this is more something the aforementioned dude should take into consideration, loosing a rare item is rarely intentional and already involves some degree of self-blaming.

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