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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
The details on vesalia are incorrect. This card is exactly the same as the Viper. It supports 128mb of RAM, and obviously you missed the "SCSI-II Ready" on the board. All you need to do is solder on the IC, a header, and maybe some other parts.
To my knowledge there are different variations of the E-Matrix 1230. It may still have "SCSI II ready" printed on the board but the SCSI controller is absent and i bet SCSI support is also absent in the firmware. I have the same model from and it does only support a max of 32mb ram. The only difference is Vesalia include a 50mhz CPU instead of a 40mhz one.

There is an E-Matrix 1230 board (M-Tec version) that comes with a SCSI controller and FPU as standard... this is the one that supports upto 128mb of ram. The DCE Viper 1230 MK-V is identical to the M-Tec E-Matrix 1230 but is not the same as the Amigakit/Vesalia versions.

Here's the one i got from

and here are the original full fat versions (before being crippled):

I can spot a few differences already...
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