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KAIKO and AUDIOS talk!


I've recently won Super Gem'Z on the Amiga. (I'm aware that this makes me a bad person. I hope that I can be forgiven in time.)

In the end credits, it says that I shouldn't forget to order my 'hot official KAIKO shirt'.

'Hot official KAIKO shirt'?! Why wasn't I informed of this?

How about that! Not one, but two 'hot official KAIKO shirts'. With these invincible fashion items, the KAIKO gents are cool as cucumbers! (Frank is somewhat livid that he doesn't have one.)

I feel somewhat gypped. Where's my T-shirt?

I think I remember reading that Gem'X came with the white one... Damn! Give me a break, I was three years old at the time.

If I can't buy one, I'll just have to get one made.

Is anybody in touch with any of the AUDIOS guys so I can ask them if they mind if I run off to Cafepress or whatever and make some up? I wouldd guess probably not, after all this time, but you never know. They might even have their own KAIKO shop.

- edit

So Software 2000 own Kaiko, and they're toast. Great.

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