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So, I didn't make it! eeer, but Iggy was great! One of those hundreds of hands is surely me!!!

[ Show youtube player ]

Well, I retreated cowardly. I could not even finish a basic port of the game, and entering with something with a final message of "Congratulations, you've just finished the unfinished demo of an incomplete thing!" didn't sound fair to me. But the most overwhelming reason to step back was that debate about game making tools. Everybody everywhere discussing about the best way to achieve complex parallax scrolling and hundreds of gargantous sprites handling... and there I was with a tiny text adventure. Shame on me, I felt totally out of place.

So I took a break, breathed long, postponed everything, and hop! a remake of a retro machine game for another retro machine is born! It's still the basic port of 1979 TRS-80 "Haunted House" adventure, but in a not-so-embarrasing state as it was a couple of weeks ago.

If I sum the amount of time I've invested in it, I guess It would not exceed 3 weeks, so a couple of months (+ one extra month) was not such a misguided time limit. Anyway, even if the comp is long over and gone, now a (little) game exits as its result, for which I sincerely thank AU people!

And now the page with the game details and download -> here

And a bit of auto-hype in form of a "making of" youtube -> [ Show youtube player ]

The clip has english subs... which served to make me realize I suck at subtitling ^_^'

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