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Originally Posted by Yesideez View Post
Where does it currently stand?

I remember Commodore going bust then Amiga changing hands for a while then eventually completely dead. I held on to my Amiga for as long as possible until I had nowhere to keep it and had to get rid of it.

Browsing around the web I still see AmigaOS seemingly up to 4.1 and running well. I thought it ended at 3.1?

Are there new Amigas? How do they run? What's going on?

If someone can kindly explain in very basic terms what's happening to everything I'd be most grateful. Is there a timeline thing anywhere?

I'm extremely confused!
Commodore went bust/killed by bad management/marketing.

Bought out by several companies over time - assets/rights etc C=/Amiga split all over the shop.
- Escom ~ didn't do much until they themselves went bust.
- Gateway bought rights ~ who manufactured the AT1200 & 4000T. Prototype 'Walker' made but never released publically. They are still going as far as I know.
- Amiga.Inc bought rights, didn't do a lot either, sold some carp games for $5. Better to buy a pizza. Did some shoddy deals and pulled out of things making false promises. Bill McEwen related to Steve Jobs.

OS 3.5 / 3.9 developed over time which works fine with classic machines.
OS 4/4.1 which does work on classic machines but requires PPC hardware which = money pit and doesn't really do a lot in terms of being a viable platform (seriously let's be honest here, nice if you are a devout Amiga fan but in the real world not much cop sadly). Amiga One/x1000 or whatever will run OS4/4.1 fine with an expensive premium of course.

Commodore are now a seperate 'brand' selling all sorts of carp.
Amiga.Inc - funk knows what has happened to them, website dead and Bill McEwen is a tosser so who cares.

There are websites on this and a book written by Brain Bagnall which documents everything in finer detail

Originally Posted by Yesideez View Post
Just found the AmigaOne kit being sold...

Just wondering what's the point of owning one of these machines? I mean, they've got to be less popular than the Apple Mac so I would imagine software would be pretty scarce.

I noticed a full machine running AmigaOS 4.1 costing about £670 - I'd rather upgrade my PC!

As much as I still love the Amiga I think it had its time and if it wasn't for the bad marketing and business strategy things could have been very different. There's nothing I want more (well, not a lot!) than to be able to go back to when I got my first Amiga but it's not happening.
Not much point owning an AmigaOne unless like I said above you are a 'fan'. You can do much more with a Windows box (I would not say this unless it is true! I do love the Amiga )

The classic machines are legendary I stick to those for the fond memories If you wanna try OS4 then sure, go for it, there are probably folk who love it.

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