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The CD/album/digital release I've been working on in my little studio is finally finished and available for a listen.

You can go listen to it here:

I hadn't begun to use my Amigas while making records yet when I recorded most of this, but it was all recorded to a computer Digital Audio Workstation. Mostly, I played live instruments(listed on the page) but there were some synths, samples and even an iPhone used on some of the tracks, not always where you'd expect Hopefully it will find some people to listen to it as I have worked very hard on this. You will recognize the my username in the title, I'm sure.

I am already starting on the next project to follow this one. I plan to make much more use of my Amigas in general and hopefully have the artwork done on an Amiga as well.

Oh and make sure you skip around especially on down to Let Them Draw and Shut Down which get a little eclectic and Floyd-ish. Everything on this is very different going from rock to country to electronic and back again.

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