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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

I realy like this product, it answers pleads for A3000 and A4000 owners that dont have a CPU card with a memory controller as well as provides more ram to such owners.

I will be hunting for one of these after the 25th Amiga Aniversary convention in Bletchy Park which I must ask of the following -

Are you or will there be an AmigaKit presence? I know the X1000 is gonna be on demo - it would be great to put some faces to names =)

In the annoncment of the ZorRam product, you disucssed the possibility of a 256MB version with an updated controller, is that still a possibility? any ideas on price / availability?

... its quite chucklesome,.... I remember buying my first 128MB stick of SDRAM for my PC back in 2002... that cost me £120!!!
Yes we will be there in force.

As for the 256MB, best for matt to answer that. Im not sure if its been decided yet.
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