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Blimey, talk about getting side tracked, I have been reading posts on various speccy related sites and it is amazing how many people are reliving their youth or are using a speccy for the first time. The passion for the good old speccy is quite strong and Fleabay or Car bootsales seem to be where a lot of folks are buying them from.

The Codemasters CD is a great idea but it is now far surpassed by the WAV/MP3 method or even more by the Divide hardware option for speedier loading.

I think the best thing that I tried is the OTLA program that I first read about in a post by alexh in another thread and this one, I used it to converts tap and other files to WAV and which I loaded via my mobile phone/pocket PCs stereo headphone socket. With this method or the Divide hardware, using a real speccy is easier now than it was back then, a lot of the fun with the speccy though was getting past the security loaders and saving the loaded code to tape and transferring it to disk for faster loading and easier backups.

@JACK98 your link has some extra bits on it (cache) that stops it from finding the page ie here so I have just put it here ok.
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