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my A1200 and A600 are set up in the corner of my daughter's playroom (or dumping ground for toys and suchlike), my A600 was bought on ebay about 5 years ago and my A1200 is the magic pack from its new, with a 4gb HD, extra floppy drive, EasyADF transfer kit and a new Samsung 22" LCD

i generally transfer adf to real disks and enjoy playing all my old favourites, plus quite alot of games i never managed to get before (i was a poor teenager first around) i'm going to create some stuff... but thats just at the planning stage right now

i'm currently play more modern stuff like Modern Warfare 2 and TESIV Oblivion on xbox 360 and my daughter has my ps3 in her bedroom

i am also like most fathers here, showing my daughter the wonders of the Amiga (we played Wiz 'n' Liz the other day)
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