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And here's Aidan's reply


Your email to Sales has been passed to me. I'm guessing that you are trying to contact me with reference to Xenomorphs. If this is the case, then the answer is that I'm happy to release what I have, but not entirely sure what I've got. I'm fairly certain that the source code won't be in the public domain anywhere, because as far as I remember, I was the only person who ever had it - the full game went to a handful of people, so one of them may have the lha files. I definitely do have all the original IFF graphics on my PC. However, the game was on my HD, which I got rid of long ago, but I may have a floppy backup of the uncompiled code somewhere. I'll have a dig around tonight, and if that turns up blank then I'll will have a rummage when I'm down at my parents in a couple of weeks time. It is more likely that I have the original LHAs of the full game than the source code.
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