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I'm teaching my kids about the old computers, not that they're interested; I've come to realise I'm just 'dad who likes old things' .

Max (my 6 yr old) did play Superfrog and wizkid the other day but complained they were too hard. He's quite capable of Lego Batman, LittleBigPlanet etc... though but it seems that the old games were much less forgiving (I'll have to search the forums as there's bound to have been discussions over that in the past!). In the end they loved wizkid with the unlimited lives/stars trainer.

Other than that - I'm really happy now to be able to have a study, and a 4000 which I can network up and use without the cumbersome transfer problems. It's now a permanent fixture. I still fire up OctaMED because it has that great nostaglic vibe to it... other than that I use it for gaming, and hopefully (when I get real time) coding.
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