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sincerely I use my A1200 a cup one in a month like matt020
I have a 80 mb hd in my A1200 and a 020/28mhz accelerator with 8mb ram......and that's enough for me
and I have lots of floppys,originals and pirated copies
I play always the best games which I know how to play

I play always Turrican 3 because it's easy and the music is amazing
also I play superfrog,PPhammer,one step beyond,Alladin,chaos engine,brian the lion,Fire and ice CD32,pushover,troddlers

I don't experiment very much with new amiga games or new programs because I know that the best gems were made in the past and nobody can superpass the talent of that people
The talented people who created that games are now working for other platforms or working in other projects....
so for me ...only classsic Amiga games.....that's all for me
I hope this answer your question terexuk
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