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I made a similar post early in the year asking what people do with their Amiga's. Mine are stored away in a quiet place and once a month I bring them out, set them up and have a play for an hour or so, then put them away again.

For me, back in the day, I was a teenager in the 90's and I could only afford so much. Certain things, like accelerators, were only a dream to me. Now, in my 30's I am able to re-live those dreams as I work full time and I can finally buy those accelerators and flickerfixers and see how it all really worked.

Further, there are people still developing hardware for the classic Amiga's. One dude has created an RGB to S-Video adapter so the Amiga's can be used on nice 50 inch plasma displays with a crystal clear picture. Another dude has just made a cpu plug in card for the A500 that adds 2mb of memory leaving the trapdoor slot and side slot free for other expansions. There's a load more, it's exciting.

Then, there are the next versions of Amiga OS. Back in the 90's I only got to play with Workbench 3.1. Well there is 3.5, 3.9 and one day when I have a PowerPC chip, I can play with OS4.0.

There's still LOADS to discover from these machines.
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