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Amiga RGB to Component video output

Hi All,

I been checking out new TV's and pretty well S-Video seems to be a thing of the past now as all the new ones no longer have S-Video inputs. I have been reading old threads and looking at the possibility of RGB conversion to component video (Red, Green and Blue outputs)

Something that has me interested is the LT6550/1 IC. here is the datasheet.

and here is a sample schematic that is shown on the datasheet.

I look at this schematic and and from what i see is that i use 2 of these IC's and feed my RGB outputs from the Amiga into the left LT6550/1 and then simply use the Pr, Y, and Pb outputs on the right sided LT6550/1 to the component input on the TV.

Is it this simple or am i missing something ?.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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