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Originally Posted by AndyLandy View Post
That is where I (at least) stand on the matter. There'd been a lot of in-fighting and tempers were high, but that certainly didn't justify the way Zetr0 was treated. I looked at it the next day, and all I could think was "What the f**k have we just done?!" -- I made a big mistake and learned a major lesson that day. Now I'm proud to say that Zetr0, myself and all the other Amibay staff are working together again to make Amibay a better place. It'll take time, but the important thing to remember is that we really are there for the members, even though we do make mistakes sometimes.
You lot (mods at Amibay) look like total AMATEURS....imagine if the moderators of ebay started posting shit about each other on their's funny your so strict on the sale of each item and what each person says in the threads, yet you do something like this??

Sort it out.

Respect is due to Zetr0 though.....he's the man!

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