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Hello Jotd,

I see you are still working on Cadaver .

Surprisingly, I'm working on a Viewer/Editor. Like you I'm a big BB fan.

I use the Atari ST version of Cadaver because, even if i had to unpack the game first, the Steem debugger allows me to do everything easier than WinUAE/DOS (Dosbox debugger is terrible by the way).

The disks don't have a file system but the bros use a clever resources loader. After extraction, i get almost the same files than the Amiga or PC files. As expected, the data structure are similar (except sound & gfx encoding).

I don't know the packer they use on Atari/Amiga (the algorithm does not seem to be mjm1 nor rnc). I had to rewrite it from the binary. Not that hard, but the main problem will be to repack the data after moding them... I really don't know how to do that. I could patch the game to read the data already unpacked from the level disk, but in this case the disk could contain only 2 or 3 levels max i think.

Originally Posted by jotd View Post
I've got a ton of other things to do, like proper object interaction, proper isometric display, etc...
It seems I don't have isometric alignment problem, could you point me to an example to see if i can reproduce it?
I think the problem you get could come from a weird precomputed "8x8 isometric to cartesian array" they use (it gives the screen dx/dy from a point on a isometric tile). I say "weird" because i don't get the same result if i compute properly the array myself.

I'm actually working on the ACL interpreter which executes the in-game scripts. Scripts are attached to rooms or items and are triggered when a specific event occurs (like "on use"...). This is not really difficult, but there are lots of instructions.

I PM you my source files to check the display algorithm i use.
If you want to execute the program, you can use:
- arrows/PgUp/PgDn to move the objects
- +/- to select the object
- left/right click to change the room, wheel for the level
- Z to hide the hints
- E/R to change the hints
This is not my last version but i haven't changed anything concerning the display.

Keep up the good work!
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