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Okay, here is an email from Michiel I have just received regarding PFS4


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> On the other hand, many people are intrigued by your PFS4. Do you have at least a draft of what was supposed to feature? It will be interesting to have any information regarding this filesystem.

PFS3 was a very modern and advanced filesystem for its time, not only
looking at the Amiga market, but at filesystems in general. Over the
years many of the ideas found in PFS3 have been incorporated in other
filesystems. PFS3 was one of the first to be atomic, now more have
this feature. Rollover files still seem to be unique to PFS3.

PFS3 was based on the original shareware PFS which was designed as a
floppy filesystem. A lot of changes have been made to make PFS work on
ever larger harddisks and the result was PFS3 which works pretty well.
The most recent Linux filesystems like Reiser4 surpass it though, but
there is one area where PFS3 remains king: the floppy or other
relatively small removable disks like ZIP, what it was originally
designed to work on.

PFS4 is a new design from the ground up. It takes the good things from
PFS3 and adds new ideas inspired by scientific papers and open source
filesystems like Reiser. Most notable improvements compared to PFS3
- B+ tree for directory structure which improves scalability and
handling of large directories.
- Redesign of the atomic commit feature.
- Automatic grouping of small files which results in both more
storagespace and better performance.
- Builtin automatic defragmentation and improved fragmentation prevention.

Note that PFS4 only exists on paper.

Best regards,

Michiel Pelt
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