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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
I went in to a sweetshop the other day, and before I got a chance to buy any sweets, they threw me out!?

I can't believe it!

All I said was "Your sweetshop is run by crazy fucktard weirdos".
Not to take your pun way too seriously, but this makes a huge difference... The guy said "I thought it was". He didn't come in there telling that the forum is lead by weirdos.
This isn't directly attacking in my honest opinion, it's just a past thought shared. Sure is something too personal, but the admins must be sensitive Be a man and argue about it, deleting it does make it even worse for the post starter. Amibay isn't only about sales, it has got its own dedicated "general" part where you can talk about whatever comes to mind. If this is supposed to be sensitive material for the forum users, then I can imagine a hundred threads being deleted in that subforum -- every single day there is.

No offense!
(PS: I know I'm twenty years old (and soon a half!! ), but please don't associate me with a child... That happened too many times already, it makes it harder to argue )

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