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Yes, but one of the things that made being an Amiga user so great back in the day was that you'd load up a game, and people would drool because no other home machines delivered games that looked and sounded and played that good. Then we had cartoons like Eric Schwartz anims. And acid-trip scene demos, and mods and all sorts of kick-ass multimedia stuff that was exclusive (for the most part) to the Amiga. Other computers of the day tried to mock these things, but fell on their duff.

So what could the Amiga do in 2002 that will get that kind of reaction again? Is there anything left to do? The only territory that hasn't been tapped into is the OS being efficient, robust and stable. And that's not the kind of feature that makes people stop what they're doing to get another look, drop their jaws open and go "WOW!"


See? I can be doom and gloom, too.
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