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Originally Posted by Dreamcast270mhz View Post
Amibay is gone, whats left is akin to post-Reagan America.

Quite. Its a point of view I guess. I havent commented on this until now so here goes

Now I don't know what went on fully. I read what happened and dont agree with how the Z man was treated.... However forgive me if I am slightly amused by the fact that a whole load of Moderators resigned in protest.... aaand all of a Sudden the Z Man is a Mod again . Talk about the Admin?(s) sh1tting themselves.

I hope its a case of "Ok lets work this out for the better of the community" for all our sakes.

... rather than....

"That Zetr0 is still a **** but if we don't have him back people will leave, and since we already look like crap anyway we need to save face... so lets have him back...."

As I say Keith not a rant/bash at you... just a wry observation thats all. I really hope you have resolved things.

Amibay is deserted atm lol, like the smelly dog over in the corner that's just farted and nobody wants to go near

A small pointer for future reference though that the whole lot of em could do with taking on board:

Dirty Linen Should NOT be done in public as far as humanely possible.
I realise that there are some things that have to be aired, but this has been a right Sh1tfest and cant have done anyone casually browsing the forums/new members any good. (smelly dog etc )

Anyway, black sheep says "Moo!" and all that

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