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Originally Posted by whiteb View Post
Interesting, so this allows the use of FOUR devices on the 4000 IDE ?, 2 on devices on EACH IDE chain from the PCB ?

Reason I asked, is that I am migrating my CF cards over to SCSI (SCSI to IDE bridge), and of course, the IDE is doing the waiting game.

As is expected, IDE CDROM does not stop the 4000 from doing the wait game, what option is there to keep IDE CDROM on the 4000 IDE, and not have to terminate the 4000 IDE to stop the boot delay ?

IDEFIX Express (besides, you cant get them anymore) wont work on a 4000. You need to use the standard 4x buffered interface and standard IDEFix97.

You could use a scsi cdrom and then terminate the IDE completely, solves all the prolems. If you have a deneb, you can use the NoIDE module.
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