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Big grin Hello: another introduction

Hello, I am new to this site and glad to be here. This is a great site and I've already found much of interest to read. I am an Amiga enthusiast from Texas. Not your typical Texan, I am a rock/alternative rock musician with leanings toward both power pop and alt country. I have been an Amiga fan since a young age when I used to beg my mother to buy me copies of Amiga World. Eventually I got my first Amiga, an Amiga 500. The late 90s saw me purchase an A1000 in the original box and another 500, my original being sold when I went off to college. I still love Amigas today and recently began upgrading my 500 and 1000 to use in my home studio for audio and MIDI tasks. I was a PC technician by trade for more than 9 years and now I work in Computer Aided Design and Web Development. I am glad to still own my Amigas to tinker with in what spare time I have. I am now married and have 2 kids so I don't get enough time to play with my retro computers(I also own several vintage Macs) but I do what I can when I have the chance. This is a great website you have here!
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