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Twin Express does NOT use the AmigaDOS commands. It uses commands that are similar to those on the Amiga, but that are NOT the same as it. For instance, with AmigaDOS, I could simply type:

copy system: ~system1: all clone

(White the '~' means the remote machine). This would copy everything from one drive to the other. No problem.

However, this won't work because all that Twin Express accepts in addition to the file or directory names is SUBDIR and TEXT|BINARY. Unfortunately, this works partially, but not enough. Even when I use SUBDIR, my directories are too deep and so I begin to get errors with files that can't be copies. The manual DOES mention that this can happen.

I ended up taking the hard drive out of my Amiga 3000 and hooking it up to the Amiga 1200 via my Squirrel SCSI interface (that's a handy device!). That works fine. I should have done that in the first place.

Also, in the past, I HAVE compressed files via LHA and then moved them over to my PC and decompressed them there, but it's quite time consuming to compress 1GB of files on an Amiga 1200 with an '030.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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