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Originally Posted by Dreamcast270mhz View Post
i have quit the Amibay site for good, I hope others do the same. Zetr0 was one of the first to welcome me there and was always there to answer my nonsense questions so I stand by him. F*ck Amibay, we have EAB and
I have just read the threads about this over at Amibay and I am truly disgusted at the way this has been done, I know that this isn't supposed to be a slagging match but Zetr0 is a big part of this community and deserves to be treated a hell of a lot better than that. What I am amazed about is how people will change their views when a carrot is dangled in front of them as in :-

I am sorry to see you have left Amibay, I will probably be banned for my post but if not, I will see how things go, you missed out good old Fleabay as an alternative if the need to buy or sell can't be met here

@ Zetr0

M8 I am sad for you to have to go through this, at the end of it all though the 4 stooges have robbed themselves of a great asset and that is you, I thought I had seen the last of secretive conversations and backstabbing a few years ago, it just goes to show, the people you thought as friends are not always what you think. Rise above it, you are so much better than them
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