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Originally posted by Akira
Err.. be careful with that.. I have an ULTRA SLIM 3.5 incher in there... Anything thicker WONT FIT.

You'll have to leave the HD outside with a cable lying fom inside yoru Amiga.

Or do the right thing and put it in a tower for good
Akira's right, but there is a way to make standard height 3.5" HD fit but it involves cutting away some of the metal shielding near the power connector.

I've done this mod and it caused no problems while fitting my old 360MB HD.

I've now replaced this however with an ultra slim 3.5" 1.2GB drive. Seagate are the only manufacturers to make these and they can be found occasionally on e-bay.

Another word of warning. Some 3.5" HD's require more power than the shite white brick A1200 power supply can produce. The only way to know for sure is to either test or, like I did, compare the current requirements of the HD (from the manufacturers site) to those printed on the base of the white brick. In most case you should be fine - it's usually setups with power hungry accelerators combined with extra disk drives that need more juice.

If money is no problem then just fit a 2.5" drive to avoid problems.
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