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Yes Akira, you say it right about Ahi.

Another bad thing that i think now about: Genetic Species.
I have erased from my hardfile (Amiga) and from my hd (the BIG zip file of > 70 Mo) because i whas thinking that he does not work on an emulator
I must download it again

If you like games like Quake, this seem a good choice for Amiga (full game, free game and 100% legal).
You can get it from Aminet (aminet/game/action/GS-FullGamexx 19 files to download).
I think that he give away this commercial game because the Amiga whas dead (in financial line a mean, the Amiga is really dead, is'nt ?) and it whas too late to sold it.

Seem to have very good graphics (for Amiga ) with a resolution of 640x480 (but a little bit slow on a emulator, you have a real Amiga i think, maybee you will have more speed to play (if you have an accelerator card).

For case of condor, there is no hope, this game does not work properly (crash of the Amiga), i read the post about it in eab.
Deleted !!!

Yes Akira, Toni Wilen have mad a titan work about WinUAE.
Now everybody can feel the Amiga like a real Amiga with this emulator, This is wonderfull because the dream came true thanks to Toni Wilen and his team.

I know too CCS64 (and use it a lot sometimes) but too bad there is no more update of this very good emulator.
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